Dear Member of Mourne,

The November News Sheet once again reflects the restrictions that have been placed upon church activities.

Presently we are only able to hold services of worship on a Sunday but we are hopeful that this may change at some stage during the month.

You can keep up to date on our Facebook page or our church website.

Sunday announcements will be at a minimum because of the shorter time we will have together. All announcements will therefore be printed or placed on Facebook. Please don’t ask for announcements to be made at the services.


The congregation will be divided into two districts. A. The town which is from the Scrogg Road to the Council Road and B. the country which is everywhere else including Ballymartin and Annalong.

Please note that though the church will be heated windows will also be left open for ventilation purposes so you may wish to bring something warm to put on if you feel cold.

Hand sanitisation and social distancing measures will be in place and there will be an overflow provided in the Lecture Hall if the church is full to its new capacity.

All services will be livestreamed on our you tube channel.


Sunday 1ST November

10.30am to 11.15am – Family Service for Town District.

11.45am – 12.30 –   Morning Worship –  Town District

7.00pm –   Evening Worship –   Country District

Sunday 8th November   Remembrance Sunday

10.50am –  Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph. 15 invited representatives only able to attend.

10.30am –  No Family Service

11.45am – 12.30 –   Morning Worship –  Country District – with Act of Remembrance and laying of wreaths in church.

7.00pm –   Evening Worship –   Town District

Sunday 15th November

10.30am to 11.15am – Family Service for Town District.

11.45am – 12.30 –   Morning Worship –  Town District

7.00pm –   Evening Worship –   Country  District

Sunday 22nd November

10.30am to 11.15am – Family Service for Country District.

11.45am – 12.30 –   Morning Worship –  Country District

7.00pm –   Evening Worship –   Town District

Sunday 29th November

10.30am to 11.15am – Family Service for Town District.

11.45am – 12.30 –   Morning Worship –  Town District

7.00pm –   Evening Worship –   Country  District


The Kirk Session feel that it is important to have a service at the Cenotaph on Sunday 8th November. We are however bound by government to keep numbers limited to fifteen people only attending.

Having met with representatives of the Royal British Legion it was decided for 15 representatives of the armed services and their associations along with representatives of the Legion only  to attend. The short service will be conducted by the Rev Bingham.

Any organisation or individual who would normally lay a poppy wreath can do so after 2.00pm on Sunday 8th November at their convenience. Please note Poppy wreaths or British Legion Poppy crosses only may be laid.

Wednesday 11th November

11.00am –  2 Minutes silence and Act of Remembrance.


There will be a meeting of the Congregational committee        ( restrictions permitting ) on Tuesday 24th November at 8.00pm in the Meeting House.

Samaritan Purse Christmas Appeal Boxes.

The Minor Hall  will be open each Sunday morning until 15th November for filled shoe boxes to be left. Details of what is needed can be found at Thank you for your support.



Services of worship

The exact wording on the NI Direct website (the official NI Executive website) states: “Places of worship can remain open.  Religious activities can continue to take place in line with relevant guidance. There is no restriction on numbers attending religious activities, but a limit of 15 otherwise applies in places of worship (25 for weddings and funerals).”      

Please note especially during periods of enhanced restrictions, it is especially important that all of PCI’s formal guidance be strictly adhered to within all congregations e.g. regarding 2 metres social distancing, hand sanitiser available, face coverings etc. Also those who are feeling ill, have any symptoms of Covid-19, or have been told to self-isolate, should not attend worship or other meetings in person.

Face coverings

With regard to the wearing of a face covering in a place of worship, the regulations (law) in Northern Ireland now states that: “A person (other than a person leading a service) entering or leaving a place of worship, or being within a place of worship but not at a seat, must, unless there is a reasonable excuse, wear a face covering while doing so.”  (This) “shall not apply to a couple at a ceremony to solemnise their marriage”.

This means that it is now the law that stewards at the door and anyone moving around inside a church building must wear a face covering.Please also note that within PCI, it is the clear formal advice that face coverings should continue to be worn at all services, and during all services, apart for those leading from the front of the church.


Following the introduction of new restrictions from 16th October 2020, the formal government guidance has been revised to ensure that it aligns with legislation and the current situation. Those operating, organising or attending a funeral must comply with this revised guidance. You should note that the maximum number of people permitted at a funeral service in a place of worship or funeral home is now limited to 25. This includes clergy or officiants and children. This limit also applies to committals at a graveside.(Please see the note regarding face coverings above, which also applies to funerals.)

Please also note that the formal government guidance also states that: “The remains of the deceased may be brought to a private dwelling when the death has not been Covid-19 related, however only visitors from a linked household (a bubble) are permitted to gather in the house. No other visitors are allowed and funeral services are not permitted in private homes during these restrictions.”


The NI Direct website states: “From Monday 19 October 2020, marriages ……. are limited to 25 people. This number includes children under 12 and the celebrant.”    (Please see the note regarding face coverings above, which also applies to marriages.)

Please note that during the current restrictions, a marriage cannot take place in a private home (or garden) apart from where one or other of the couple are terminally ill. In those circumstances the numbers are limited to ten people in total.

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