History of Mourne

The Mourne congregation was established on 21st July 1696 when Mr Charles Wallace was ordained in a little church in Ballymageough, Kilkeel.

There had been a limited influx of Presbyterians into some townlands in Mourne after the accession of Charles II to the throne in 1660. The numbers of Presbyterians increased steadily after 1691 and in 1696 numbers were sufficient to support a church.

God blessed the congregation of Mourne over the next two hundred and nineteen years. Increasing numbers of people attended the church and as numbers increased so the church building had to expand. In 1831 the church building was moved to its present site on Greencastle Street. Nine men served as God’s ministers to the congregation over those two hundred and nineteen years.

Members of the congregation alive today remember fondly the ministry of the Rev Herbert Martin (1915-1955). During the ministry of the Rev Alan Flavelle (1956-1972) the congregation grew rapidly. The Rev Dr David McGaughey (1973-2003) followed Mr Flavelle as minister and continued where he had left off, faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of God’s grace and tirelessly shepherding God’s flock.

In 2004 the Rev William Bingham was called back to Mourne, the congregation he had served as assistant twelve years earlier. Mr Bingham and the other elders have a clear desire and prayer for the future of Mourne that both locally and globally the people of Mourne would bring glory to God as they know more of Jesus in their own lives and as they make this same Jesus known to others.

Want More History?
If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Mourne Church please ask one of our elders for a copy of  The Big Meeting. This history of Mourne PC was written by H.S. Irvine to celebrate the church’s tricentenary.