Outreach at Home & Overseas

We are delighted to share with you some information about outreach at home and overseas and we trust that it fuels your passion for reaching out with the Gospel.

It is a blessing to serve God in sharing the Gospel of His grace. Spreading this message is the work and privilege of all believers. Whatever your age, background or occupation our vision is for all believers to be involved in this vital work right where they are.

We want to be of help to you in Mourne. But we would also love for you to be of help to us. Whether it is in the Kingdom of Mourne, or some place else, pray that God would show you where to commit yourself in His great task of missions.

William Turner (Elder and Chairman of the Missionary Committee.)


Local Missions

Mourne Presbyterian Church is a living, vibrant fellowship with a vision to share the Good News about Jesus Christ to the community in which we live. We believe that God wants to be involved in the lives of people and that he has a plan which will bring satisfaction to each individual. We seek to introduce people to our God so that they can have full, satisfying lives.
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Ireland Missions

Mourne Presbyterian Church are involved in supporting mission throughout Ireland through the PCI Board of Mission in Ireland.  Our mission work in Ireland also includes involvement in the Irish Mission and C.E.F . 5 Day Clubs amongst others.
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Livingstonia Mission

We believe that our work in Malawi is a proper response to the teaching of both the old and new testaments. We recognise that the greatest need of any person is to have new life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ but we recognise also that every person is special in Gods sight and deserves to have access to the daily essentials of life so that they can live in dignity
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Global Missions

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28v19

Mourne are involved in missions in various counties including Uganda & Malawi and we are also commuted to supporting various worldwide mission organisations including Open Doors, Delhi Bible Institute, Arab World Ministries, Tear Fund & Mission Africa. There are many opportunities for those who want to be involved in special Global ministry for a week or two.
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