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Includes Bible readings/devotionals, general parenting books, useful website and dvd’s

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Bible reading/devotionals

God and Me by Penny Boschoof; published by Authentic Media.

A fantastic book to use to start family Bible reading.  Age 3+

From the Good Book Company

Age 4-6 Beginning with God.  Has a ‘main course’ with then optional extras which you may or may not want to do, including craft activities and conversation topics.

Age 7-11 Table talk & XTB. Table talk is a 5 minute family discussion that can be done at a table or bedtime etc.  XTB is related follow-up activities for your child to do.

Age 11-13 Discover.  Good straight to the point notes with some simple activities to be completed in the notes. 

Age 14-18 Engage.  Ideal to help teens learn more about the whole Bible and how to apply it to their situation.

For adults Explore.  Very good notes to help you understand the message and challenge of God’s Word.

Jesus and Me by Nina Smit; published by Candle Books (Lion Hudson).

A very good follow on from God and Me as it has slightly more content in each day. Ideal for 4+.

From CWR Bible Reading notes

From CWR Bible Reading notes

For pre/early teenage boys – 60 days on:

Bold Brave Faith

Prepares boys to grapple with some big questions as this handy book shows what the Bible has to say on four topics central to the life of guys today: teamwork, temptation, battles and struggles, and attitude.

Stand Strong

This book looks at how Daniel, Elijah, and a whole host of fearsome Judges stood strong for God and faced each day with boldness and courage.

“You’ll be challenged each day to live for and with God in the Engage sections. And there are plenty of prayers to get you going in the right direction.”

For pre/early teenage girls – 60 days on:

Live Love Dream

Exploring issues on and of the heart, Live Love Dream is a book packed with the essentials for these exciting years ahead.  It looks at what the Bible has to say on the right self-image, how to walk with God through tough times, living with the attributes of the Holy Spirit, and confidently sharing the gospel with friends.


This Bible reading book explores engaging topics such as dealing with pressure and rising up to challenges; asking honestly what we put first in our daily lives; meeting and knowing Jesus personally, and how God’s wise words in the Bible can change the course of our lives if we – wholeheartedly – believe and follow them.

For 8-12 – simple devotionals (by Carloyn Larson)

The 365 Days to Knowing God for Girls /Guys offers a daily verse from God’s Word, as well as a real-life translation and application that girls can understand and apply to their lives. The author includes a daily “ChallengePoint” – an action to work on.

General parenting books.

Raising Faith by Katherine Hill & Andy Frost; published by Care for the Family.

This book is full of stories and encouragement to help parents feel enthused and confident about helping nurture faith in their children’s lives.  It is packed with bite-sized articles and helpful ideas of things that can be done at home, even in the middle of very busy family life.

The Gospel-Centred Family by Ed Moll and Tim Chester; published by The Good Book Company.

An essential read for serious Christian parents who want to get all things in the correct perspective.

The Sixty Minute Family by Rob Parsons; published by Lion Hudson.

Very good on practical ideas for developing relationships.

The Highway Code for Parenting by Michael & Hilary Perrott; published by CWR.

A concise book on guidelines such as listening, sibling rivalry, praise, boundaries, social skills, sex, alcohol and drugs etc.

Things We Wish We Had Said by Tony and Bart Campolo; published by Authentic Media.

Reflections of a father and his grown up son in the form of letters to each other.  Each chapter represents a different stage of the son’s life with the father explaining why he did what he did, and the son responding by what he wished his father had have done.  Ideal for all fathers.

Teenagers – Biblical Wisdom For Parents by Ann Benton, published by Inter-Varsity Press.

An excellent book about preparing for the teenage years.  Best for parents with children coming towards the end of primary school, starting High School.  It has very practical advice, based on the book of Proverbs, and also deals with ‘when dreams turn to nightmares’.

Teenagers –What Every Parent Should Know by Rob Parsons, published by Hodder & Stoughton.

Very practical and helpful in terms of keeping relationships at this stage.

The Sixty Minute Debt Buster by Katie Clarke with Rob Parsons, published by Lion Hudson.

A very practical resource for those with debt worries with suggestions that can easily be put into practice.

Getting your kids through church without them ending up hating God by Rob Parsons, published by Monarch books.

A book about getting the right priorities for your children and family life.

New Toddler TamingA parents’ guide to the first four years by Dr Christopher Green, published by Vermilion.

A very practical book on dealing with everyday issues in bringing up children from sleep problems to tantrums and toileting.

Teenage years – and pre-teen preparation

The Body book (The lily series) – by Nancy Rue, published by Tommy Nelson

This unique and creative book for girls ages 7–11 answers the most common questions girls have during this often confusing and overwhelming stage in life. The Body Book gives girls the scoop on everything from body changes and cramps to diet and exercise in an inviting and conversational manner.

The Body Book not only offers accurate, up-to-date information on personal issues tween girls experience but also shares it from a positive biblical perspective.

You – A Christian Girl’s Guide to Growing Up by Nancy Rue, published by Zonderkidz (Age:9-12)

In this book you’ll discover all the really weird body stuff you’re going through is actually part of God’s plan for the beautiful, confident, grown-up you! In addition to health and beauty tips, you’ll find answers to some awkward, changing-body questions, ways to create a unique style all your own, and most importantly, you’ll discover the true beauty that is revealed as you grow closer to God

Growing up God’s way for Boys & Girls by Dr Chris Richards and Dr Liz Jones, published by EP Books (Evangelical Press) (Age 10-14).

A great book for early teens with a Bible centred way of dealing with each of these issues.

A Young Man’s Guide to Making Right Choices by Jim George, published by Harvest House Publishers.

A book for early teen boys to help them see the consequences of certain decisions and to help them develop crucial decision-making skills, through biblical wisdom.

A Young Woman’s Guide to Making Right Choices by Elizabeth George, published by Harvest House Publishers.

A book for early teen girls to help them see the consequences of certain decisions and to help them develop crucial decision-making skills, through biblical wisdom.

Some useful websites

The Kitchen Table Project  is a website which aims to raise awareness among parents about just how important they are in a child’s spiritual development, and that they can’t just rely on the great work that happens in our churches.  It enables parents to sign up for monthly emails with stories, encouragements and ideas as well as reviewing helpful resources.

Care For the Family

  • sheets on many topics of Family life e.g. computer games, illness, miscarriages, bereavement, eating disorders, single parenting, stepfamily, money & debt etc.
  • Free magazine 3 times a year.
  • Monthly podcasts

Focus on the Family

  • Daily parenting web broadcasts & podcasts
  • Monthly magazine (free online or purchased)
  • Many other parenting & other family resources


         Special Needs And Parents


This group offers support for parents of special needs children and young adults in the Mourne area.      “No one claims to have all the answers, but by sharing our experiences, we learn from each other, while having a very   enjoyable evening.

The Good Book Company

For good biblical resources.

Creation ministries


Creation outreach ministries

  • To help answers question on creation and evolution.
  • Has a kids section.

Answers in Genesis

  • To help answers question on creation and evolution.
  • Has a kids section.

Genesis apologetics debunking evolution series – for teenagers

Love for Life

Resources to help parents deal with difficult issues.

The Praise Baby Collection from Integrity music.

Music DVDs which baby’s find very engaging.

From Care for the Family, by Rob Parsons:

  • The Sixty Minute Parent.
  • The 21st Century Parent.
  • The 21st Century Marriage.
  • Parenting in the Teenage Years

From Focus on the Family:

The Essentials of Discipline by Dr James Dobson.

Very good practical advice related to what is the best approach and why at each stage, right through from baby to teens.

From Good Book Company:

Wonderfully Made. & Putting Parenting to Bed. Dealing with parenting challenges with the biblical prospectus.

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