Raising Faith by Katherine Hill & Andy Frost (published by Care for the Family, £4.99).
This book is full of stories and encouragement to help parents feel enthused and confident about helping nurture faith in their children’s lives. It is packed with bite-sized articles and helpful ideas of things that can be done at home, even in the middle of very busy family life.

The authors are coming to Belfast on Thursday, 15th November (7:30-10:00pm) when they will speak on how we can seize the opportunity that God has given us to point our children to Him in everyday life. Put the date in your diary now and arrange with a few other parents for a night out! Tickets can be booked on the Care for the Family website (https://www.careforthefamily.org.uk/event/raising-faith-belfast).

The Kitchen Table Project (https://kitchentable.org.uk/) is a website which aims to raise awareness among parents about just how important they are in a child’s spiritual development, and that they can’t just rely on the great work that happens in our churches. It enables parents to sign up for monthly emails with stories, encouragements and ideas as well as reviewing helpful resources.

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