Monday 25th to Thursday 28th of June, 7-8:30pm

Faith & Football

3 age specific groups: children going into P2-P4, P5-P7 & Yr8-10

P2-P4 & P5-P7 will meet at the newly developed grass area at the back of Mourne Presbyterian Church (Bulgers Lane)

 Yr8-10 will meet at Kilkeel High School playing field.

Faith and football is for boys and girls keen to learn and improve their football skills. We will also have a short bible talk and prayer each evening.

There are a limited number of spaces and we will allocate on first come basis.

Please insure each child brings the following each night:

  1. Football boots
  2. Shin pads
  3. Water bottle with water or appropriate sports drink and healthy snack.
  4. Any medication required (eg inhalers).

Parents are invited to a prize giving on the Thursday night @ 8:00pm

Please contact Wendy Hanna with any queries on 07851871011

I give permission for my child to attend Faith & Football and participate in all their activities.

In the event of illness or accident, having parental responsibility for the above named child, I give permission for first aid to be administered where considered necessary by a first aider, if available or medical treatment to be administered by a suitably qualified medical practitioner. In the event of a medical emergency, leaders will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible using the contact telephone numbers given.
I will inform the leaders of any important changes to my child’s health, medication or needs and also of any changes to our address or to any phone numbers given above. During the time your child will spend with us, photographs may be taken for general church purposes and for this we need your permission. On signing this form we will assume that you have given permission for your child’s photograph to be taken unless otherwise informed.

Data Protection: Your contact details and information supplied above will be held by the organisers on a secure filing system and will be destroyed 30 days after the event. Your information will not be used by third parties and you will only be contacted in direct relation to the Faith in Football event.
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Please note: Mourne P.C/Faith & Football leaders can only be responsible for your child from 7pm - 8:30pm

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